What’s This All About?

My thought? It’s pretty straight forward to be honest. I am a stranger to you. I live in a town full of strangers. Thing is, that will be the case for many people, and purely because we, they, you , me are not making the effort to find the way forward out of this mess. OK. So not everyone will want to speak to you.

Society & Media sort of dictate that you should not talk to strangers. Don’t give out your personal information. Spend your time being worried and afraid. So why do we have phrases like “Social Media” when it is probably the most Anti Social aspect of any media format?

I want that to change. For me. If you want it to change for you? Join me in the quest to reduce the amount of strangers in your life by 10,000. A lot of people eh? A lot of smiles, hello’s, “Tell me about it’s”

So start here. Subscribe. Join in. Follow me, comment, share, like. Dislike even! It doesn’t matter as long as you do it from an objective point of view. I won’t judge you. I may not like you, I may just ignore malice or rudeness, but if I exclude you from any group this site creates? Then you will remain a stranger to all of us, and that’s precisely what I am trying to avoid.